Hul Diwas: Remembering the Santal rebellion against the British

Today marks the Hul Day, commemorating a pivotal event on June 30, 1855, at Bhognadih in Sahebganj district. On this day, thousands of Santhals rose up in defiance, their war cries echoing a call for revolution. "Hul" signifies a fight for freedom, and this day stands as a testament to the fierce resistance of the Adivasis against oppressive colonial policies, exploitative moneylenders, and the Dikus—oppressors from outside their community.

The contribution of the Adivasi’s have been largely erased from historical writing as well from imagination of popular culture of the county.  

The rich history of Adivasi resistance is often overlooked, and the brave leaders of the Hul, Sidhu and Kanhu, remain underrepresented in historical texts. This marginalization underscores a fear of acknowledging the powerful legacy of Adivasi uprisings for their fight for justice and dignity.

Long live our struggle, long live our Hul. Salutes to our sisters and brothers who have inspired our revolution. #JaiJohar


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