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“Sir, Don’t Be Such A Coward”: A Letter To The Chief Minister Of Delhi

   Dear Arvind Kejriwal , We know the Delhi Police is not under your control, but why are you showing such a casual gesture at the time of calamity in our city, where people are being targeted based on their identities, they are even killed, also our police officers are being targeted, one of them have lost their life. You know, what can you do in such situation, as you have claimed many times, you are the follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Who had shown many methods and means to registered your protest and how to extend help for the needy people at the time of crisis? Then you must be aware, what can one do? Even if you are no body. But, Sir you are the sitting Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Kejriwal. You have more than 60 members of assembly in Delhi with lakhs of volunteers. Sir, don't be so coward, as you often said you are not for post but to serve or to help the people. This is difficult time for the people of our country and specifically for Delhi, every acts of peopl

AAP will not match his last result but Arvind will manage comfortable majority to rule Delhi

Photo Credit : Sanchit Khanna/ HT Photo Election in any democratic country should have been normal act, to elect their representatives for leading governance in the country, state or any local system of governance, where the things should be for betterment of the people and their requirement for leading dignified life. But, for some times, in our country elections are becoming instruments to encroach the inappropriate power. In our country for quite some time, the elections are no more normal activities, where you need money and god know, what more to fight election at any level. In this city, where I have been associated with more than 15 years, after I migrated from my village in the Bihar. We have election for the state members of legislative Assembly on 8 th of this month, and for almost two months there are something or others happening, to polarize this election, I was trying to understand the undercurrent of the election for couple of weeks, its seem despite of

United Kingdom Leaves European Union after 47 years an Uncertain Future Ahead

Photo credit: Frank Augstein/Associated Press   United Kingdom finally have exited from the European Union, after 47 years in the association with this club. It was interesting to observed that, how the Britain, who were the main colonizer of the world during industrial revolution or after math. The country was disparate to separate with European Union, even though, opinion of the Britain people had divided on this decision to leave the Union.   There are many issues on the functioning of the European Union, like people of the region claims, this is one more institution for Elite cozy club to rule. Any county can choose according to their own choice or convenience, but, I can see immediate cause and some patterns on this in continuation of post 2008 recession, which was real storm to destabilized the capitalism and finance economy but instead of searching fault lines of current economy system, every one beating around the bush. In the modern economic system there are fal