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Review of How Prime Ministers Decide : Analysis of Six Prime Minister’s style of working

One of the seasoned political journalists, Neerja Chowdhury, produced a document about the six prime ministers of India. This book will be a handy text for students of politics and policymakers to understand how our Prime ministers are running our country. What kinds of politics and policies are preferred by them? She also talked about the personhood of the six prime Ministers whom she has selected for her book. From 15 August 1947 to the present time, we have had 14 Prime Ministers, Our first Prime Minister was Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and, currently, Narendra Modi is our Prime Minster. Each one has been adopting different ways of running the government, but the core is always democracy. Over the period, India was recognized as one of the most robust democratic countries, which shaped its reputation and credibility globally. There are ups and downs in domestic affairs, which Neerja dealt with in her book. She has chosen to write about six Prime Ministers out of 14 individuals