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Bihar Election 2020: Tejaswi Yadav is Winning the Battle?

 In the midst of COVID 19 Pandemic, the first phase of voting completed on 28 th October, two phases of election will be on 3 rd November and 7 th November respectively. The counting of vote will be on 10 th November 2020. Election in any democratic society should have been normal act, to elect their representatives for leading governance at state or any local system of governance, where the things should be for betterment of the people and their requirement for leading dignified life. But, for some times, in our country elections are becoming instruments to encroach the inappropriate power, even in some cases in the recent times, the party or alliance, who secured the majority but with the many new methods has been discovered in our country to toppled the government. It's important to see the election campaign by the NDA camps, they don't have confidence or issues to talk with voters, even they have failed to share their work of state government as well as central gov

lock down story

  Couple of weeks ago, I went to nearby electric repair shop in my neighborhood, because my emergency light is not working. The technician, looked the all parts of light carefully, meantime I was trying to understand his situation during lockdown, he shared in those days his shop was completely shut down like others, I hesitantly, inquired about his livelihood sources and how he had managed his day to day expense? He shared, sir there was no option but I had to sell fruits in the streets, and that was the only source of survival for him and his family, after unlocking he is only able to earn around 30% of income, what he used to earn before Pandemic. After almost 20 minutes, he said he will not able to repair my light. I offered him money for his Labour but he refused to take and gently responded Sir, I haven't done your work, how can I take money, I tried hard but he was reluctant. With his gesture and dedication, I was thoroughly impressed....

Mahatma Gandhi at the age of 150 traveled with me to understand contemporary India

  We are celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as “Mahatma Gandhi” he was lawyer, freedom fighter, social activist and prolific writer on the contemporary issues. He was born on 2nd October 1869 at Porbandar in Gujrat. Most likely I have heard name of Gandhi in my childhood, this is my home district, where Gandhi had started his Champaran experiment in 1917.   My grandfather used to share Gandhi’s story, about his visit to our nearby village, he was fond of his bodily work and commitment towards cleanliness, the truth and respect for others.   Once I started going to school, I learn more about Gandhi and his idea. I learned one word “Gandhian” people who claims to knows about Gandhi and keeper of ideas of Gandhi, now I can think about those Gandhian, most of the Gandhian came from same caste group, almost everywhere in the India, whether you go to north to south or east to west. Those caste group got prestige /positions. And i have obser