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Yashwant Sinha's Idea of third front will be hit wicket for opposition in Bihar

In the Democratic society, anyone and everyone has right to express his/her opinion like recently Yashwant Sinha, floated the idea of third front in Bihar for the upcoming Assembly election. But, whatever I can understand the politics or election in the new India, these are not the normal times, where one can keep experimenting, instead working with the available options. In the current scenario, multi corners election will give not only advantage but comfortable win to form government to existing power formulation. I am afraid, they may also form their government in any case with help of best practices in the past, what one would proud in the Corporate or otherwise? Standard operating procedures (SOPs). we have living example of Goa, Manipur, Karnataka and recently in MP with support of Raja Babu. Of course, all actions being performed under the constitutional provisions. They missed the bus of the government under the SOP, in Maharashtra because of Shiv Sena being old fashioned

The cost of the Speaking Truth : The challenges for Indian Journalist

The way Indian Journalists are being targeted through cases against them for reporting, this is not new in the history of Journalism, that was very much in the colonial period, and like many tradition or practices being carried forward from British rule, one of the bad practices being continue “Media censorship”. Which is often being done silently or selectively in the past. We had censorship moment during the emergency. The famous words of LK Advani, about the character of media during emergency “crawled” when we were asked to “bend”. I don’t have words to explain the current crisis in Indian media as our veteran leader had explained about the emergency. But, we have not heard any things from LK Advani about current state of Media in India. I don’t have any idea, why he is feeling or how will he explain his own words, which he had given on Indira’s emergency. The censorships in the Indian Media are visible for quite some time, we have multiple examples to proof this argument, In

COVID19 and our Preparness for the Health Emmergency

P Ravikumar/Reuters The numbers of the COVID19 +Cases are increasing in Delhi, our health infrastructures, just not capable to handle this crisis. What are hearing through the media reports, people are not able to get admission in the hospital, in many people are being denied admission, without any reasons, as per report by , Six hospitals refuse to admit, Delhi University Prof. Wali Akhtar, who later died. Many unfortunate cases for losing life are coming, because, did not receive treatment on time or denied by the hospitals. Here I am not only talking about the COVID-19.   Many people, who are under treatment or have some illness, which comes during these times. This is scary to even think about, those people or family, who have been facing such harsh or unprepared health system of Delhi or elsewhere in India. Why I am saying such things, this is based on my personal experiences, that I have faced couple of months before the COVID-19. My mother was not