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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: Need Second reform within Muslim Communty

File photo of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan | Commons  Today is the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He was one of the great thinkers, educationists, reformists, and philosophers of the 19th century. His contribution to creating space for education for the Muslims and his efforts for reforms within the community. That was far ahead of time in his thinking for education and establishing institutions of learning. There are many criticisms of him by the various groups and academicians. There is nothing wrong with analyzing his life and contribution through critical analysis. Aligarh community should learn to listen to the criticism instead of showing irresponsible. People should learn the action of Sir Syed, what was his conduct, when he had faced odd questions or disruptive conduct by his opponents, at the time of building the university. Contributions for Higher Education of the AMU are unparalleled for the community. One can also say, AMU created an elite amongst the Muslim communit