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Kanshi Ram : The maker of Bahujan politic in reality for their rights and dignity

Kanshi Ram was one of the greatest political leaders in the 21st Century, he was born on 15th March 1934 in Ropar district of Panjab. his family was Ramdasia Sikhs. Ram graduated in 1956 with a BSc degree from Government College Ropar, then he joined service in Explosive Research and Development Laboratory in Pune. Where he experienced caste discrimination. One the result of the institutional discrimination, he became the leader for those was a victim of the caste discrimination. Kanshi Ram has strong believed into political power, so he devoted his entire life to a mobilized dalit community for the taking that power. His vision of dalit was broad, one can see from his action through which, he tried to mobilize a larger community or spreading political education for empowerment. So he formed All India SC, ST, OBC, and Minority Employment Association am In 1978 this became BAMCEF, an organization that aimed to mobilized educated members of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Other Ba

Women’s questions and Justice for women from marginalized social groups in India

  Happy international women's day to all of us to remember the contributions of people, who contributed to make this happened and many peoples are still contributing for strengthening this movement for rights and dignity, cheers to Us. #IWD2021 This year we are celebrating the 110th International Women's Day. International women’s day outcome of a strong labor movement to become a UN-recognized annual event. The sparks of it were started in 1908 when thousands of women marched through New York City for shorter working hours and better pay and the right to vote. The Socialist Party of America who first declared National Women’s Day a year later in 1909. The Idea to celebrate of International woman day came from Clara Zetkin . She proposed this idea in 1910 at the international conference of working women in Copenhagen. In this conference women from 17 countries unanimously agreed for Celebrating International women day. Then, in the 1911 first celebration in the worldwi