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Tabrez Ansari’s Death Is Not The First Of Its Kind, And Will Not Be The Last

 People, specifically the Muslim youth, should not see the killing of Tabrez Ansari as an isolated incident. In our country, many castes and communities have been targeted by the same people for long time. To understand those events, you will have to look at contemporary history carefully. For example, the Adivasis of this country have been suffering for a long time. They occupy the social periphery due to continued suffering. Members of the Dalit community of our country have been penalized for ages. Because of Dr Ambedkar’s politics, Dalit voices could continue to be assertive. But, we must remember, those who killed Tabrez also killed the assertive Dalit voice, and all three of these were built under the provision of Indian constitution. For example, the Kashmiri people have also suffered for decades, and of course, we all know how many Kashmiri Pandits have lost their homes. Whether the Congress rules or the BJP rules, hatred brigades are always at work, spreading ve

As An Indian, I Celebrate Eid The Same Way I Celebrate Holi

  We are in the midst of majoritarian state in the many of the countries including in ours. I would like to share about the people of the civil Society, some time I had doubt about their understanding of the society or religions. There are no confusions about their dedications for raising voices for the marginalized, but somewhere they are also in the same boat, as far as understanding of the society, religion or Indigenous people are concerned. I have observed for last twelve years, they will be conscious for majority community, while they prepare work plan or any event to be organized. But, even many people from Civil Society or activist background never considered festival or cultural events of the minorities groups. Today, I got call from one of my fried, he/she was inquiring with me, Tauqueer, when is the Eid , and what is this Eid? Sweet Eid or Eid for sacrifice of goat ? He/she is in his/her early f ourty . He/she has done remarkable work in his/her field for marg

Rahul Gandhi And The Future Of Congress Party

   Rahul Gandhi has decided to resign from his post as Congress president. This was unexpected in contemporary India’s current standard of political ethics. Certainly his party requires major restructuring to stay relevant. For the last 10 years, the Congress party has failed to build a strong narrative to counter the ruling BJP. BJP and its parent organisation RSS, has a very clear agenda, with a consistency to roll-out their vision of majoritarian nationalism. Even if Rahul Gandhi tried to follow soft Hindutva to counter them, why would someone pick soft instead of the original Hindutva? We need Congress, but not a dented one. For quite some time Rahul has been trying to change the outlook of the party. There are many evidences that prove that Rahul had tried to revive some of the outfits of the Congress party like the Youth Congress, Mahila Congress and NSUI. In 2019 assembly elections, Congress failed to build a narrative to attract new audience and Gandhi failed t