As An Indian, I Celebrate Eid The Same Way I Celebrate Holi


We are in the midst of majoritarian state in the many of the countries including in ours. I would like to share about the people of the civil Society, some time I had doubt about their understanding of the society or religions. There are no confusions about their dedications for raising voices for the marginalized, but somewhere they are also in the same boat, as far as understanding of the society, religion or Indigenous people are concerned.

I have observed for last twelve years, they will be conscious for majority community, while they prepare work plan or any event to be organized. But, even many people from Civil Society or activist background never considered festival or cultural events of the minorities groups. Today, I got call from one of my fried, he/she was inquiring with me, Tauqueer, when is the Eid, and what is this Eid? Sweet Eid or Eid for sacrifice of goat? He/she is in his/her early fourty. He/she has done remarkable work in his/her field for marginalized people. But, how will one understand of the society/ if my friend had having higher education in the one the best university in the world and working in the social sector for many years. With whom, I will expect to understand us.

I have spent my adolescent and young age in my native place in village, where we have deep relation with people of all caste and religion, where I had chance to not only interact with my others faith friends. I remember going to many places during Holy or Chhath for celebrating those festivals. After moving to Delhi, I fondly missing Holy , Diwali and Chhath, that were extra-ordinary days, to be associate with friends's and their family for celebrating festival of colors. During Ramazan, our family in the village have been getting Iftar from family friends, for breaking fast, and we used to get every things as we have to eat to break the fast in the evening.

In the current Global atmosphere, and changing nature of politics in India, which they have established merely for electoral gains, we have many positive story to counter hate narratives, the responsibilities lies with progressive people of our country to stand against the any kind of hatred. Our great civilization survived so long, because we have not followed any rigid forms of belief or propaganda.


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