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Let us unite to fight with this Pandemic "Coronvirus"

I was expecting some concrete majors from our Pradhan ji, but he didn't not shared anything about that. What is exact condition of this pandemic in our country? What all our country is doing for combating  this Pandemic " Coronvirus ".  There was nothing about coordination between state government with central Health agencies. Even, there were no strong words for hoarders .Generally, scarcity being created by those hoarders and business houses.  There is urgent need for formation such task-force to nab those hoarders. We have seen in the initial days , how sanitizer and masks being sold on inflated price. Yes, people should avoid unnecessary movement or travel. But, I don't buy word "the Janta curfew ", off course we should not go out on these days.  Here I was again expecting some words and relief for low paid workers, those who are working in  unorganized sector. Again, he should have announced task-force for all vulnerable people like

Role of Judiciary and media for robust Democracy in India

Institution should be above from individual in the democratic society. In the recent time, there are many instances in the country, the individual misuse the Institution for instance, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi suspended the fundamental rights of the citizens during emergency, and the justification being made by then government, this major was for controlling the anarchy. This does not mean, we will except the versions of the Indira’s Government, off course, that one of black sport on our democracy. In the recent time, many actions or justification being made by the government on their work or functioning of the government, this is needed to do this. That was necessary to control that. In the any mature democracy, there are other two pillars for working hand in hand for success of democracy, like Media and Judiciary Unfortunately, the reputations of the Media one of the pillar of Democracy is almost in the coma for the quite long time, one can understand, In the 2