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Mental health and our society

  It's ok not to be ok. sometimes, when you are not feeling good during difficult times. This is completely normal to feel isolated, anxious or left out of the run of life. Do not worry this is normal, it happened to all of us. More important is to talk about this with our friends, family or colleague. Here is the catch, due to less education on mental health in our socie ty, often people were not able to connect with the difficulty faced by the person. However, there is a need to understand these health challenges. First talk openly about these issues, whenever you are comfortable sharing your own difficulties around mental health.   I had faced some challenges around my mental health issues in the past, I recognized that first, but it took time to understand myself it’s clear. Then I did not hesitate to share it with my family friends close circle. Without the help and support of my close fraternity, I would have had a hard to passing these times. I am blessed with those beautifu