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Interaction with Manoj Kumar

  A few weeks ago, I took a taxi from terminal 3 of New Delhi airport to my home; as usual, I started interacting with the cab driver. Manoj Kumar [1] , He was an interesting person, from Bihar working in the taxi business for more than a decade, he belongs to a socially agrarian family, and he has sufficient agricultural land, on which he & his getting crops, mainly paddy/wheat, and they are also able to get a modest yield of Dalhan / talhan [2] . I have a particular interest in agriculture and agrarian society, so I had a deep talk with Manoj, and subsequently, both of us discuss politics & society. He was particularly upset about the freebie schemes of the Delhi provincial government, I can sense, his irritation and anguish, from where he was talking. He tried to explain to me that; government should not provide any things free of cost to people.   I tried to offer my argument about the freebies, and why the government should take care of people's requirements. I