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Ghulam Muhammad Jula : His cortibution for Peseant&Farmer

  Ram-ram and last salam to this tall man of integrity, Ghulam Muhammad Jula never compromised with the ethos & ethics of farmers. He was a close associate of Mahendra Singh Tikait and his fight for farmers' rights. He died at the age of 85 years on 16 th May. Ghulam Muhammad leadership was for building the farmer's movement evident when he was second in command. His leadership was not recognized as Ghulam deserve based on his work and commitment. He was disappointed with the top leadership of BKU during 2013 when they were silent or in many cases supported the communal agenda of the BJP, the Gulam Muhammad decided to disassociate with the BKU and started his group of peasants and fathers, but he never stops giving his solidarity with the larger struggles of farmers. Ghulam Muhammad Zola had also started a separate organization Bharatiya Kisan Mazdoor Manch. During the farmers’ agitation after the violence by outsiders, when Gulam Muhammad saw the tears of Rakesh Tick

Prashant Kishor's 'Jan Suraaj' : is this an alternative politics for Bihar?

Photo- Indian express After high voltage drama by  Prashant Kishor  (PK), whether he’s joining the Congress or not, what will be his conditions? Finally, he declined the offer to join the grand old party. PK is still one of the favourite topics of Indian media, both print as well as 24 hours unstoppable TV medium. I am not able to understand how he gets this much time and space at a time when no party is being given this much time except the ruling party and their agendas. Last week, Prashant Kishor had an elaborate press conference in the state capital of Bihar, Patna, where he announced his new move. It is basically to give an  alternative political option  to the state. He announced his program and future action plan. This was surprising to me. This same man had been talking for a long time about consolidating the opposition parties for the 2024 election and quite often talked about how the opposition could defeat Modi in the upcoming national election. N

My tribute to Rizwan Qaiser on his first death anniversary

 Today is the first death anniversary of Rizwan Qaiser, professor of history at Jamia Millia Islamia, who succumbed to COVID 19. This news rattled my heart and mind; I was not able to respond to anyone, my close friend Anwar, who shared with me about this news, I was not able to talk to him properly; I excused him, and cut the phone.   This was a period when I was on the path of recovering from the COVID. I recovered but due to long COVID, I was out of touch with social media. I deliberately logged out from those platforms. I was completely silent for almost two hours in my room and tried to engage with household work. Without saying anything to my family members. Just recalling my relationship with Rizwan sir, and how he contributed to shaping my thought and personality. Our never-ending conversation on everything on the earth history, politics, and whatnot. I also had a long conversation about my personal life and relationship. He always, gave me respect and space to grow myself.   H