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‘What Happened In Jamia Still Worries Me’

    On the 17 th December around 10pm, I landed at Terminal-3 from my official trip, I  was relax and excited because this was my last business trip for the 2019, but at the same time I have been constantly worried and tense, because, what had happened on 15 th December evening in the Jamia Millia Islamia, This is the my Alma mater and for the last 10 years, I have living in the Jamia Neighborhood. On 15 th December night was difficult for me to sleep in Bhubnwshar, because my family members was in the Delhi around the Jamia Neighborhood, and whatever I had been getting news from my family, friends and from the social media, those were equally disturbing,  for the crack down the students protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, the way police brutally threshed the students, there were no distinction to the girls or boys students of Jamia. They were treated like criminals, even students, who were never participated in the any kinds of agitation, and they were calmly