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My Take on Priyanka with Party

Congress president  inducted his sister Priyanka Gandhi for the party’s general secretary in charge of East UP, picking anyone for the post of General Secretary is his prerogative. Yes, this is time to build your party with intelligent and young leaders for making a change in the ecosystem of politics. But, as a common citizen of India, I have certain doubt for picking your sister as General Secretary of your party. I have heard in Delhi circle, Priyanka has the capacity to lead the party as a general secretary, she is very humble, polite and dedicated for common people. But, is this only quality for selection of her? Of course, you and your party members would say, she has all quality for becoming general secretary of the party. Many of my friends everywhere in India, they are equally competent like your sister, but she will not has the luxury to become general secretary of the grand old party. In the context of the current political scenario, after winning three b

My take on ews reservation

My take  Broadly speaking there are no difference between #BJP and #Congresses on vision for better India, after congress supported the quota bill in the parliament despite the fact that, this is unconstitutional and Supreme Court had categorically set the 50% cap for the reservation. This is unfortunate to see the substandard debate in the parliament on the 10% of reservation. Government has failed to give any substantial evidence/ data, why they are pushing reservation for economically weaker section of the so called “upper caste”? It’s interesting to observed, most of the political party supported this weak argument of the government. Even, BSP and SP supported this argument of the government. Only RJD opposed this move in the parliament, but their voice was not heard because, they don't have numbers in the house. Most importantly, Both parties from UP like SP and BSP given free ride to BJP on this move, this might be strategic move by #Bua-Bhatiga, to stop BJP for gaining