My Take on Priyanka with Party

Congress president inducted his sister Priyanka Gandhi for the party’s general secretary in charge of East UP, picking anyone for the post of General Secretary is his prerogative. Yes, this is time to build your party with intelligent and young leaders for making a change in the ecosystem of politics. But, as a common citizen of India, I have certain doubt for picking your sister as General Secretary of your party. I have heard in Delhi circle, Priyanka has the capacity to lead the party as a general secretary, she is very humble, polite and dedicated for common people. But, is this only quality for selection of her? Of course, you and your party members would say, she has all quality for becoming general secretary of the party. Many of my friends everywhere in India, they are equally competent like your sister, but she will not has the luxury to become general secretary of the grand old party.

In the context of the current political scenario, after winning three big elections in the “cow belt”. Particularly, in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Where BJP was in power for a long time. You certainly deserve credit for your persistent hard work with grassroots workers. But, you will have to travel a long way in this national election. Broadly there are no differences in economic policy between BJP and Congress as far as education and health care are the concern. Hope, Priyanka will have to give a new narrative to people of eastern UP. Where Congress has been in the periphery for a long time, even though Congress had done well in the 2009 general election. But,  historically they are weak in the eastern part of UP. In the Assembly election of 2017, BJP has gained substantially in that election.

Realistically, Priyanka Gandhi's capability to make an impact in Uttar Pradesh will depend on the Congress' own strength in different parts of the state. The Congress’ footprints in UP is not the same in all part of the state. They have a base in the Awadh region, which includes the Gandhi family stronghold of Rae Bareli and Amethi and they can influence the nearby seats of Lokshaba. Its, totally depend, how Priyanka will have the support of the local carder or build new ones. There are no basic services in the eastern up particularly for the health or education and most of the people depend on the migration for their livelihood, if Priyanka can convince to the people of the earner up, she is not migratory leader, like others, she will be very much with the local people to address the issues of the region. One of the recurring health issues in the region is Japanese Encephalitis. The situation of higher education has been worse for a long time,  student has to migrate for better education.  There are no jobs in the region, one can see, migration is common in the eastern UP for the earning Livelihood for all section of society. Let us give, Big congratulations and all the best for her success, But, my question will remain unanswered Mr. Rahul Gandhi, I don't have the luxury to work with my sister, like most of the common Indian.


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