lock down story


Couple of weeks ago, I went to nearby electric repair shop in my neighborhood, because my emergency light is not working. The technician, looked the all parts of light carefully, meantime I was trying to understand his situation during lockdown, he shared in those days his shop was completely shut down like others, I hesitantly, inquired about his livelihood sources and how he had managed his day to day expense? He shared, sir there was no option but I had to sell fruits in the streets, and that was the only source of survival for him and his family, after unlocking he is only able to earn around 30% of income, what he used to earn before Pandemic. After almost 20 minutes, he said he will not able to repair my light. I offered him money for his Labour but he refused to take and gently responded Sir, I haven't done your work, how can I take money, I tried hard but he was reluctant. With his gesture and dedication, I was thoroughly impressed....


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