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Lose of income and livelihood : Storis of the common people

Today I went out first time after lock down being announced in Delhi, in between I explored the few things, which were totally different in comparison of normal time. These are really unprecedented timefor most of the people, but persons of margin are facing double-edged difficulties, one due to th infection of COVID19 and second loses of job/ income. First interaction with cab driver, transport sector is one of the hardest hit by the COVID19’s lockdown in India or elsewhere in the world. In India, this is purely informal sector in India, there are hardly any security in this sector, whether you are employed with transport company or self-employed. Even though Delhi government was tried to help to the motor drivers, who is in the business of transport in Delhi, but there are not data to substantiate this initiative as a helpful, as far my interactions with those people, hardly any one of them got the monetary assistance. I also meet one Coconut water seller, he was very upset wit

Government for last 15 years in the name of reforms and governance : Now blaming predecssor in Bihar

The second in command of the Bihar government put the onus of the bad health facilities in the state to their predecessor, when things are getting worse, people are not able to even receive the oxygen support, this is not in one case in the state, where things are in the bad shape instead everywhere is in discouraging health infrastructure. Its look like, health system in the Bihar itself required grater treatment. The present government has been ruling the state almost for the last 15 years, there entire campaign was based on the reforms and governance in the Bihar. These current ruling elite failed on the both fronts. I don’t have to explain in the greater way, because you have the evidence with the image in the immediate past and the contemporary time. For the reforms, you have to just look the situations of the Bihari migrants. In this COVID19 lockdowns just break the curtain from the hidden despairs and exploitation of the migrants form Bihar, the same Bihar Government instea

Role of our media during the COVID19 and Public Health issues

There were overwhelmed flash on the Indian media regarding news of Big-B then small-b, for of COVID19+. Both have mild symptoms and admitted in the hospital for world class health care facilities, which is only available for the super-rich in the world biggest democracy. And, we know, where the common people will go, even if they have serious health condition, that is very much evident in the most part of the India during the COVID19 or otherwise. My simple submission, why don’t people asking to the government? to whom every one of us paying tax on time. To increase the expenditures on the public health sector. This is responsibility of the authorities to come with robust plan for dealing the health crisis.   Everyone is aware, the quality health services are just unreachable for the common mass. This is not impossible in our country; we have sufficient examples for giving best health facilities to the citizens. Only things, that should have not expended in time to cover more peopl