Role of our media during the COVID19 and Public Health issues

There were overwhelmed flash on the Indian media regarding news of Big-B then small-b, for of COVID19+. Both have mild symptoms and admitted in the hospital for world class health care facilities, which is only available for the super-rich in the world biggest democracy. And, we know, where the common people will go, even if they have serious health condition, that is very much evident in the most part of the India during the COVID19 or otherwise.

My simple submission, why don’t people asking to the government? to whom every one of us paying tax on time. To increase the expenditures on the public health sector. This is responsibility of the authorities to come with robust plan for dealing the health crisis.  Everyone is aware, the quality health services are just unreachable for the common mass. This is not impossible in our country; we have sufficient examples for giving best health facilities to the citizens. Only things, that should have not expended in time to cover more people.

This is all right to be concerned about the celebrities, after all there are freedom of expression in our country but people/we should think beyond the events or bubbles. Why don’t our media both TV & Print talking about the reforms in the health sectors, especially on the public health.

Why the public health is in low priority list in our country? This is not only implying to the current dispensation but this is kind of continuations of negligence. But, how can one ignore at the time of Pandemic situation, where we need strong health system, here I am not only talking about the hospital alone instead, government should think with major policy shift towards the health system holistically, so they can put money at the two fronts, one to push our existing health infrastructure with more facilities and second to build capacities of our health workers. Our county can be also provided opportunities to the youth, to serve the nation at the same time, they can also earn the livelihood. We have huge human resource at the village level like Angan wadi workers and ANM, they can be game changer for our health sector, if we can seriously put efforts and resources for trainings and giving respectable honorarium along with social security to the health workers.


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