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Eid Mubarak: Let us build our community based on care and solidarity.

EID Mubarak : it’s really difficult to write this word in 2020. We are passing through unprecedented situation in our country and elsewhere in the world due to COVID19. EID is the important festival for the Muslims across the globe. But, in such crisis, how can one celebrate any festival, when most of the people from the world are in pain, particularly, people from low income group or who engaged in the unorganized sectors, now even employers from organized sectors are asking staff to region from job or introducing pay cuts. People are losing their job. In India, there were 8% unemployment before the COVID19, currently, this has reached around 24% in such short span of time. One cannot imagine suffering of the vulnerable communities or groups like sex-workers, domestic workers or street vendors, peasants, fisher-folk, and many more The way our City Makers are walking away from Cities with un-measurable pain on their heart and mind. This is sheer evidence of negligence from the si

Ram Mohan Roy: A Revolutionary Hero Of My Childhood

Ram Mohan Roy was one of my revolutionary heroes during my childhood, particularly his guts to stand against the odd practices in the religion. On May 22, This is the 248 th birth anniversary of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, “the father of Indian renaissance”, he was the founder of ‘Bhahmo Samaj’ and worked relentlessly against the social inequalities. He was one of the great social reformer in the modern Indian history. Roy was born on May 22, 1772, in the village of Radhanagar, Hooghly district then, Bengal Presidency. He did formal education from his village 'Pathshala', where he learned Bengali, Sanskrit and Persian. He also grasped in-depth knowledge of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. He also studies Vedas and Upanishads for seeking the knowledge to understand the Hindu religion. Roy did not stop her after knowing the Hindu religion, instead he studies about the Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. He believed that every religion has truth in it. And at the same t

State Health Response During COVID-19: Why We Need A Coordinated Approach ?

Getty Images It’s really disappointing to see how our state governments are fighting, or in some cases struggling, in these difficult circumstances. Many things are propping up in the media—like how all states are managing PPE or others things on their own, and there are even reports that our central government is also providing some support. But, why is there no coordination? Here is the catch: some states are managing this crisis with full capacity. But most of the states don’t have the medical capacity to handle the crisis. How will these states fight the pandemic? I hope our central and respective states administration would have coordination to assess the situation and prepare accordingly. Most of the Hindi-speaking states fall in the category, where they don’t have infrastructure or human resources in the first place. Some of you might remember Gorakhpur, UP, where in September 2017, hundreds of children had died at the hospital because of Acute Encephalitis Syndro

Migrant Labours and COVID19

This is painful/ shameful moment in the Indian Independent history, but who will care about the difficulties and suffering of the migrants or the poor? They will again write history of new India, where they will not mention all those things, which is happening on the roads or railway tracks, people are hungry, not getting water or food. People are on foot or on cycle, trying to travel thousands kilometers. They don't have any idea, how they will eat or drink water in the next couple of days during the entire journey. But, certainly they are aware, no one is these city, who can assured their dignified shelters. I know the migrants and the causes of going to city. I am sure you all must be aware, they need money to run the family or in many case they need some cash income, so they can sustain their life with small land in village or by doing agricultural work in the field. During my childhood I was always wondered, why they are calling Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata as a Pradesh . Fo