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Here Is An 8 Point Agenda I Would Like To Put Forth To The Congress Party

I think it is a humiliating situation for the Congress party that they haven’t had a full time Party President for more than one year since Rahul Gandhi asked his party to choose a new President. There is a need to take radical steps to reform the party and build a new leadership for a better India. For a long time now, this party has lacked strong ideas that could inspire enthusiasm in the party workers.For the last couple of years, kind of politics in our country is taking dominant space to polarize or society. Party workers, need systematic program and vision to fights with all kinds of odds. In my opinion, the ‘chamcha’ culture seems to be one of the most important criteria for getting a post in the party. Even though Rahul Gandhi tried to change that culture, he failed. The Congress Party should reform the structure of the party by recruiting a young and dynamic President. They should have a combination of young and old workers, those who are committed to the Idea of Nehru’s

Happy Independent day and life of commom people

We got independent from British rule 73 years ago. The cost of getting freedom on 15 th August was enormous struggles, which was being done by the all people across caste gender religion or region. Our leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Azad, Ambedkar, Patel and many more dreamed for multi-cultural, living with dignity by all faiths and believes or even if some on don’t follow anything and equality before the law. Despite of huge challenges of caste and poverty.  In the  last seven decades, our county has success on many fronts, but still the dream of our freedom fighters needs to be remembered time to time, by the Citizens of our country. Our leaders had given us one bounding text, Indian Constitution to follow. Which guarantees freedom and pride for the Citizen, but its depends totally on us, how one implementing the law. We have various examples, like caste discrimination, Gender Justice and many more.   Freedom or independent will not come or sustain automatically, the most important r

My take on the incident of Bengaluru

  The incident of Bengaluru should be unacceptable and all culprits must be identified based on evidences, not by the name or religion. This is beyond my understanding, how can Someone's faith being shaken with the FB post, if you are not agreeing, fine then you should respond those in the writing, or one can complain to the police or cyber branch. Then, the authorities should take rapid and appropriate action. It’s really difficult time for humanity to survive in the time of COVID pandemic, where everyone needs compassion and solidarity. But, incident like such will certainly break the chain of humanism, which all of us demonstrated during the Pandemic, everyone being taken care all kind of people, without asking their identity. I know, many of friends from across country from different faith or Gender. They put their own resources and time for helping people. And, they never ever see any distinction with any one during reaching to give solidarity. Yes, can’t denied with the fa

indigenous peoples rights in the 21st Century a brief review

Today, we are celebrating International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples . Which was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly December 1994 . People from different nations are encouraged to participate in observing the day to spread the UN’s message on indigenous peoples. Activities may include educational forums and classroom activities to gain an appreciation and a better understanding of indigenous peoples. The right of indigenous peoples protected by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples , 2007,  through this “Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning. There has been progress in implementing the declaration over the last decade, there continues to a gap between the formal recognition of Indigenous peoples and implementation policies on the ground. As a result, indigenous people