My take on the incident of Bengaluru


The incident of Bengaluru should be unacceptable and all culprits must be identified based on evidences, not by the name or religion. This is beyond my understanding, how can Someone's faith being shaken with the FB post, if you are not agreeing, fine then you should respond those in the writing, or one can complain to the police or cyber branch. Then, the authorities should take rapid and appropriate action.

It’s really difficult time for humanity to survive in the time of COVID pandemic, where everyone needs compassion and solidarity. But, incident like such will certainly break the chain of humanism, which all of us demonstrated during the Pandemic, everyone being taken care all kind of people, without asking their identity. I know, many of friends from across country from different faith or Gender. They put their own resources and time for helping people. And, they never ever see any distinction with any one during reaching to give solidarity. Yes, can’t denied with the fact, at the same time people are pushing divisive agenda to polarize the society for their electoral benefits. But, what is the duty for the citizen? They can understand and identified those groups. 

 Why don't youth leaders from the community taking charge for social transformation of the community, where there are many things to understand the society beyond religion or religious belives , i am not talking about the political leadership instead social leaders giving ways to think critically to the every things, religion or religious things are used to be personal and I have learned from my family and education, this is not for the public. But contrary to this, these days almost everywhere in the world religion or in the some places culture being used for the political benefits. And, Various governments in the world playing those emotional instinct to address the hunger of the majoritarian sentiments. In such time, people should be more aware and conscious, for not being used by those forces.

There were glimpse of some hope as well as in the Bengaluru, where people/ youth from one community came forward to protect the religious place of other faith. As The times of India reported, people "formed human chain" to protect the Temple.  

At present, we have a massive load of information floating around us. People are accepting news reports based on biased and morphed sources. This leaves a lot of room for hatred and misconceptions. How can we engage with the public, considering the misconceptions regarding religion or beliefs? As a society, have we lost the ability to have genuine and healthy disagreements?

This is high time for people  to take stand to save our country or society. I know, many of my friends or acquaintance did not associate themselves with these kind of hate politics but I have not heard from them to speaking or writing about those divisive people or groups.


  1. We all are frustrated to see these kinds of incidents taking place every where. We need to understand hatred can destroy everything we have achieved.
    Thanks for sharing your concerns so eloquently

    1. Thank R for your comment on my post. Yes indeed, we are passing through the difficult stage, at the same time there is post truth era my problem with the well meaning or so called progressive people, who knows every things still not speaking, this is more dangerous than those people, who manufactured those hate politics.


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