We have a new calendar on our wall, and table, mostly on our gadgets, with the first January 2024. Let us promise ourselves to build more functional solidarity groups, which I have learned from the COVID-19 crisis. We are passing through one of the difficult times as far as social and political circumstances are concerned globally as well as back home. Deficits & distrust are being created in the name of the “majority” community is in danger, and interestingly, minorities & migrants are being criminalized or targeted for every single crisis. Far-Right Politics are emerging almost everywhere in the globe. There might be colours, shades, or vocabulary that will be different in different continents or countries. However, the intent of hatred will be the same as people belonging to the minority community or migrants. We have just celebrated the 75th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 2023, at the same time people are facing wars and conflicts

Our tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his parinirvan divas_6th Deceber1956

  Our tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his parinirvan divas. I am grateful to him for lighting our life through his thoughts and actions. Strongly standing against all odds of his time, internal as well externally. However, his determination was never compromised for initiate the chapter of social justice to the most disadvantage social groups. His ideas and thoughts are like ocean, we will get more things on each drive in the ocean of his work. People only understand him as leader, who fought against untouchability but his contributions are immense in all sphere of our nation, his work for constitution is known, he contributed towards the monetary policy of our country, labor rights, rights of women, he also personally involved to build a robust educational institution. The role of Ambedkar in nation building process in India is remarkable. Ambedkar played a decisive role in laying the foundation of India as a nation by outlining the social, political and economic structure and