Ghulam Muhammad Jula : His cortibution for Peseant&Farmer


Ram-ram and last salam to this tall man of integrity, Ghulam Muhammad Jula never compromised with the ethos & ethics of farmers. He was a close associate of Mahendra Singh Tikait and his fight for farmers' rights. He died at the age of 85 years on 16th May.

Ghulam Muhammad leadership was for building the farmer's movement evident when he was second in command. His leadership was not recognized as Ghulam deserve based on his work and commitment.

He was disappointed with the top leadership of BKU during 2013 when they were silent or in many cases supported the communal agenda of the BJP, the Gulam Muhammad decided to disassociate with the BKU and started his group of peasants and fathers, but he never stops giving his solidarity with the larger struggles of farmers.

Ghulam Muhammad Zola had also started a separate organization Bharatiya Kisan Mazdoor Manch. During the farmers’ agitation after the violence by outsiders, when Gulam Muhammad saw the tears of Rakesh Ticket, he announced his supporters to stand with Rakesh Ticket and said that Rakesh is like his son. His supporters rushed in the support of Rakesh Ticket at the Ghazipur border of Delhi, where Rakesh Tciket was on the dharna against the farmer’s laws

On 29 January 2021, MuzaffarNagar Kishan was one of the emotional moments, when Ghulam Muhammad Jula first time joined the stage with Rakesh Tikait post-2013 riot. Moreover, his supporter not only participated in the event, instead, there were also at the forefront of managing food, water, and other necessary support for the participants of Kishan Maha Panchyat. In this meeting, Ghulam Muhamad shared his anguish & pain with his farmer’s community, what he had felt, when their own farmers' comrades went or organized the village panchayat with the communal agendas.

One of the major outcomes of the farmer's protest against the 3 laws, this brings new hope to the county, even though there is still a big divide on the electoral fronts, there were momentum and efforts to bridge the differences among both communities Hindu and Muslim. 

Muslims, particularly those, who belong to the western Uttar Pradesh, because there was kind of distance between Muslim farmers and Jat - Hindu farmers, after the 2013 Muzaffar Nagar riots, then the BJP gain impetus through this communal polarization. Moreover, there was a kind of permanent dent in that society, this farm movement paved bitterness between, both Hindu and Muslim farmers, historically or culturally they have many similarities, largely they have been living peacefully before 2013. At the rally on the 5th of September 2021, Thousands of farmers from across the country reached the Government Inter College (GIC) ground in Muzaffarnagar to participate in the 'Kisan Mahapanchayat’. The Samyukta Kisan Morcha, an umbrella organization of farmers protesting against the Centre’s three farm laws, has organized the mahapanchayat. In the rally “Allahu Akbar,” chanted by Rakesh Tikait, a Jat leader of western Uttar Pradesh. “Har Har Mahadev," the crowd chanted back. This was a big symbolic gesture of the farmer leader for showing not only strength but also unity within

Ghulam Muhammad Jula was the leader, who always believed in the unity & peaceful relationship between the Hindu and Muslim. The famous slogan "Har Har Madev Allah Akbar " were given by Gulam Muhammad Sb, when the communal agendas were at their peak in our country, we need people like Gulam Muhammad from all religious group to fight against the communalism factors and to protect the rights of peasants and farmers. Ghulam Muhammad will be always remembered as a shining example in Modern India for his work.


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