Role of Judiciary and media for robust Democracy in India

Institution should be above from individual in the democratic society. In the recent time, there are many instances in the country, the individual misuse the Institution for instance, then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi suspended the fundamental rights of the citizens during emergency, and the justification being made by then government, this major was for controlling the anarchy. This does not mean, we will except the versions of the Indira’s Government, off course, that one of black sport on our democracy.

In the recent time, many actions or justification being made by the government on their work or functioning of the government, this is needed to do this. That was necessary to control that. In the any mature democracy, there are other two pillars for working hand in hand for success of democracy, like Media and Judiciary

Unfortunately, the reputations of the Media one of the pillar of Democracy is almost in the coma for the quite long time, one can understand, In the 2019 World Press Freedom Index, India is ranked 140th places out of 180 countries in the world rankings.
The famous words of LK Advani, about the character of media during emergency “crawled” when we were asked to “bend”. But, we have not heard any things from him about current state of Media in India. I don’t have any idea, why he is feeling or how will he explain his own words, which he had given on Indira’s emergency.

Censorships in the Indian Media are visible for quite some time, we have multiple examples to proof this argument, In the TV programs, many program or journalist are being asked to stop the program, Journalist like Punya Prasoon Bajpai and Abhisar Sharma are example on this onslaught.
The role of Judiciary is important for smooth functioning of the democratic system, but for quite some time, peoples are raising many questions on the role of judiciary, many experts on law, saying judiciary in our country are talking like executive. The nomination of the Former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi's nomination for a Rajya Sabha seat has been vehemently criticized by experts on the constitutions or by the commentators. Even several retired judges have raised the questions. What would be the whole purpose of the separation of Judiciary and executives? The role of Judiciary is to be ombudsman and not for the making in tune with the day of government. 

 Here, many official experts are saying, previous government had done in the same manner, they appointed the Judges for the Raja Sabha. Its pity, to equate someone’s wrong with other blunder.


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