COVID19 and our Preparness for the Health Emmergency

P Ravikumar/Reuters

The numbers of the COVID19 +Cases are increasing in Delhi, our health infrastructures, just not capable to handle this crisis. What are hearing through the media reports, people are not able to get admission in the hospital, in many people are being denied admission, without any reasons, as per report by, Six hospitals refuse to admit, Delhi University Prof. Wali Akhtar, who later died. Many unfortunate cases for losing life are coming, because, did not receive treatment on time or denied by the hospitals. Here I am not only talking about the COVID-19.

 Many people, who are under treatment or have some illness, which comes during these times. This is scary to even think about, those people or family, who have been facing such harsh or unprepared health system of Delhi or elsewhere in India.

Why I am saying such things, this is based on my personal experiences, that I have faced couple of months before the COVID-19. My mother was not well, so she came to Delhi for treatment. She had heart issues, for that she has been taking medicine. For new, problem, we have been advised by friends, we should go to AIIMS, but my personal opinion is always, if one can afford treatment at other places, why should create unnecessary pressure on the institution like AIIMS. So, we went to one of private hospital for advise/ treatment. After getting all tests done, hospital says, since your mother is on high risk, so better to go such and such place. We follow the same instruction given by the hospital, initially everything was perfect and we were hopeful, subsequently, they ask us to go to the AIIMS for the better treatment, we had no choice but to go the AIIMS. There are no complain about the quality and the service of the AIIMS Delhi, these kind of hospitals is just hope for lakhs of people in the India, but this institution is highly pressurized with people, who are seeking national health services, which they will hardly receive elsewhere in Indian. I was thoroughly impressed by the dedication and compassion of the Doctors at the AIIMS. They have given satisfactory suggestions/ treatment. My mother is fine now.

In those days, we have to go through several tests for my mother, which was on at one place. Even, I cannot imagine, how would have possible in these difficult period? My empathy  with all those family and person, who are in need for treatment.

Its more painful, where our health system or government are not pro-active for helping, people who is in need for health service. Instead, government should have created more makeshift hospital in the stadiums or such places at the war level.


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