AAP will not match his last result but Arvind will manage comfortable majority to rule Delhi

Photo Credit : Sanchit Khanna/ HT Photo
Election in any democratic country should have been normal act, to elect their representatives for leading governance in the country, state or any local system of governance, where the things should be for betterment of the people and their requirement for leading dignified life. But, for some times, in our country elections are becoming instruments to encroach the inappropriate power.

In our country for quite some time, the elections are no more normal activities, where you need money and god know, what more to fight election at any level. In this city, where I have been associated with more than 15 years, after I migrated from my village in the Bihar.

We have election for the state members of legislative Assembly on 8th of this month, and for almost two months there are something or others happening, to polarize this election,

I was trying to understand the undercurrent of the election for couple of weeks, its seem despite of all efforts being made by the world biggest party in Delhi, whatever I had sense of people mode in Delhi, they are still not able to think to go against the Arvind Kejriwal's. I would like to share two events, on which I can say, I have clue to read something, that is in the favor of the AAP. This may be change before the last tweeny four hours of the polling, that is scheduled on 8th February.

First yesterday, I went to Kalika ji area, where I saw in the market two people were in serious arguments but calmly trying to convince each other. One was from party, he tried hard to convince other one, but he was adamant to support APP, his logic was simple, he don't wants to stop all development work, particularly related to School, Health and other social services delivery.

Second interaction with Auto driver, he was from Badarpur Assembly segment, usually I tried to star talk with new person in the urban city like Delhi or Mumbai, about their family, where they belong back in the village and how they came to Delhi et cetera?

Today, I directly started my conversation on Delhi election, initially he was bit reluctant, but slowly he shared his opinion and position. He categorically said, in the general election, supported Modi for prime minister of India. But, in the Delhi election, his aim in the same way to elect Arivind as a Chief Minister of Delhi, he said, "people like him can't afford other chief minister". He further said, I am migrant from UP, somehow, establish family in Delhi, This Delhi government of Kejriwal ensuring free light, improved school, the health facilities in the mahalahs clinics.  

BJP failed to achieve any significant win in the state election post 2019, General election, some kind of result going to repeat in Delhi too. Because, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal is hugely popular, there are no Anti-incumbency factors in the field, main opposition party BJP don’t have face in Delhi to show, there strong and longtime electoral partner Akali is not fighting election in Delhi, Akali’s are opposing the current form of CAA, Sukhbir Singh Badal has given his opinion in the parliament during the discussion on CAB. We will have to wait till 11th February, when final results will announce of this election.

Arvind Kejriwal's AAP, will not going to match the last election result 67 out 70 seats. But will have more than comfortable majority to rule Delhi for next five years. The real struggle for the opposition in Delhi to take sufficient seats,  at least more than 10 percent of total seats for keep vigil to their work of the ruling party, so democracy can run smoothly without any power blindness, which is evident in our county.


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