United Kingdom Leaves European Union after 47 years an Uncertain Future Ahead

Photo credit: Frank Augstein/Associated Press
United Kingdom finally have exited from the European Union, after 47 years in the association with this club. It was interesting to observed that, how the Britain, who were the main colonizer of the world during industrial revolution or after math. The country was disparate to separate with European Union, even though, opinion of the Britain people had divided on this decision to leave the Union.  

There are many issues on the functioning of the European Union, like people of the region claims, this is one more institution for Elite cozy club to rule.

Any county can choose according to their own choice or convenience, but, I can see immediate cause and some patterns on this in continuation of post 2008 recession, which was real storm to destabilized the capitalism and finance economy but instead of searching fault lines of current economy system, every one beating around the bush.

In the modern economic system there are false promises being made, aspirations and dreams being crate for the outcome of the economic results, through various ways and methods. But, there are limitations of the growth, we have seen consequence all over world by now. During the election campaign in the United State of America, how Donald Trump? uses all the failures of the capitalism or market economy, and uses that to polarize people one over others.

The step of the UK to go from Union is just to avoid causes of problems, instead focusing they symptom of the problem. And, taking conservative majors. History will tell the story of this step, but this will be difficult time for people of the UK for building new system to replace existing one. As of now, an eleven-months transition period has kicked in. This ends on 31st December 2020.


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