“Sir, Don’t Be Such A Coward”: A Letter To The Chief Minister Of Delhi


 Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

We know the Delhi Police is not under your control, but why are you showing such a casual gesture at the time of calamity in our city, where people are being targeted based on their identities, they are even killed, also our police officers are being targeted, one of them have lost their life.

You know, what can you do in such situation, as you have claimed many times, you are the follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Who had shown many methods and means to registered your protest and how to extend help for the needy people at the time of crisis?

Then you must be aware, what can one do? Even if you are no body. But, Sir you are the sitting Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Kejriwal. You have more than 60 members of assembly in Delhi with lakhs of volunteers. Sir, don't be so coward, as you often said you are not for post but to serve or to help the people. This is difficult time for the people of our country and specifically for Delhi, every acts of people like you will be counted in the History, like we remembered 1984, 2002 and we are in 2020. people will not be expecting from those, who are already with them to be part with their bandwagon, but we still believe you have not gone that far with right for merely becoming chief minister Sir. Starts showing your courage, you have lot many things to offer, even you don’t have power to control police force, in such circumstances, your every act will be remembered. Please act sir, you know better than us, what you can do?

With regards


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