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Election 2024

At least Election Commission of India heard the questions from the Journalists. There were people from some media houses, who prepared high-quality questions on the money, favouritism to the one party, hate speech during the election, and Questioning on EVMs, but the moral of the story Election Commission of India has been preparing this huge exercise is  it is for some months, but in the last movement, one of his colleagues resigned abruptly last week, there is no clear communication regarding his exiting from the ECI.

Two members were inducted by the ruling party on the eve of the election. At the time, when the election bond issue was being examined by the Supreme Court. When the flow of funds is not transparent. However, who cares about transparency and accountability, the media is on duty to ask questions to the opposition instead, of examining the current government's work and performance.

I still remember when T. N. Seshan, then chief of Election Commission Action and Communication. There were discussions, and from now onward the people from criminal backgrounds will no longer be in our parliament or state assembly, and the money flow required for the election will be stopped soon. These are still far from the reality, instead, the guarantee for a ticket from the mainstream parties is based on the wealth of the candidate and criminality is no more an issue in the election process, for your better understanding subjet and build the find the date on those issues, one can visit the ADR website. 

Level playing field, is this possible? Especially in the election, when the gaps in the resources are huge between the parties. dil ko behlane ke liye khayal acha hai Ghalib (we know the reality of Paradise o' Ghalib, but to keep the heart happy, this idea is good). Election Nama_ohh_teri Delhi


  1. TRUE. Betrayal by learned men and women is the reality.


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