Our tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his parinirvan divas_6th Deceber1956


Our tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his parinirvan divas. I am grateful to him for lighting our life through his thoughts and actions. Strongly standing against all odds of his time, internal as well externally. However, his determination was never compromised for initiate the chapter of social justice to the most disadvantage social groups. His ideas and thoughts are like ocean, we will get more things on each drive in the ocean of his work. People only understand him as leader, who fought against untouchability but his contributions are immense in all sphere of our nation, his work for constitution is known, he contributed towards the monetary policy of our country, labor rights, rights of women, he also personally involved to build a robust educational institution.

The role of Ambedkar in nation building process in India is remarkable. Ambedkar played a decisive role in laying the foundation of India as a nation by outlining the social, political and economic structure and principles of governance. He played an important role in bringing national unity and integration through the introduction of principles such as federal polity with uniformity in all basic matters including the existence of a unitary state, common rights, uniform civil and criminal law, single citizenship, unitary judicial system, common civil code and many more.

Over a period of nearly forty years of academically, socially, and politically extremely active life, Dr Ambedkar contributed significantly in the evolution and India as Nation. There was hardly any issue that arose between 1919 to 1956, which Dr Ambedkar did not write, and helped to find solution, and developed policies, when in power.

Dr Ambedkar was also involved in the country’s economic development and planning and contributed both through writing and policy formulation, when he was Minister of labor in 1942 to 1946. Dr Ambedkar argued for an important place to the “labour” and the “depressed classes” in the planned economic development of the country. He favored the growth, which will be pro-poor. In Dr Ambedkar’s view, the Schedule Castes and depressed classes needed to be treated as a separate entity for planning, and this provision was incorporated in the Plan objective.

It been always fascinating to read with writings of Baba Shahab. When Ambedkar said “On 26th January 1950 India would be a democratic country in the sense that India would then have a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. At the same time, Dr. B R Ambedkar also raised the issues of the fulfillment of economic and social objectives in the country for all.

Dr. Ambedkar vehemently criticized idea of hero worship in India. Dr. B R Ambedkar stated, “Bhakti in a religion may be a road to the salvation of soul, but in politics Bhakti or hero worship is a road to degradation and to the eventual dictatorship”.

He is one my teacher, with whom I learned love ❤️ and idea of social justice. The leaning will be continue by understanding his works more and more . One of my favorite quotation of Baba Shaheb “Democracy is not merely a form of Government. It is primarily a mode of associated living, of conjoint communicated experience. It is essentially an attitude of respect and reverence towards our fellow citizen” Jai Bhim..


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