Chandan Mitra:12 December 1955 to 2 September 2021

Chandan Mitra no more, he was not well for quite some time as reported in the various news, I don't know him personally but when I was growing and learning about political development, policies and propaganda in our country. I was wondering while listening to Mitra sb on the TV debates, very soft-spoken, consistent on the line of supporting, undefendable, often claims to be progressive . And, then close to the Far-Right party.

He was one of the few spokespeople, mostly speaking for the party's ideological stands in sophisticated languages for elite audiences. He was also awarded as a member of the upper house, from August 2003 until 2009. He again secured his upper house seat in June 2010, BJP got him elected from Madhya Pradesh. His tenure ended with the upper house in 2016.

Mr. Mitra was very close to the old guards of the BJP Atal Bihari Vajpayee, L K Advani, Arun Jaitley. But he was sidelined by the Narendra Modi- Amit Shah leadership. Mitra had friendship and connection beyond the party line. One because of his journalistic profession and second, he was taught in the elite educational institutions in India and abroad. In July 2018, Mr. Mitra resigned from the BJP and joined the Trinamool Congress(TMC).

When Mitra was in the BJP, I used to listen and read him to understand, the stands of BJP on the various political or social issues, that is the only relation, I had with him. With that was also ends my curiosity to know more about the BJP stands of those topics when the party in the new India mostly runs through IT cells to educate their audiences.

The rest will be history when people will learn/ study. Who were the elements/ people/ organization strengthening the Far-Rights to grow and flourish? I am not fading up his contribution. This will certainly indicate; what side of history will be you belong to. Or what means you used. One can realize Mahatma Gandhi's understanding of politics, He has written in Young India, December 1924 “For me, it is enough to know the means. Means and end are convertible terms in my philosophy of life. The means may be likened to a seed, the end to a tree, and there is just the same inviolable connection between their means and the end as there is between the seed and the tree”


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