Happy Doctors Day ️: Thanks for risking own life to save humanity


                           Happy Doctors Day ️

This is indeed challenging time for Doctors and Health workers in India and across globe. The Pandemic is just around us, particularly the second wave of COVID in our country. Thousands of doctors lost their life, while serving to COVID infested citizens. The courage and dedications of doctors didn’t required certificate from anyone, that was the visible in those days. The situation was more vulnerable because our hospitals did not have infrastructures at the first place, just forget about the dealing with the pandemic.

The burden of the Pandemic on Doctors are overwhelming.  My family members and friends are doing hard work as Doctor in the India and other parts of world. But, many times, it’s frustrating to see the behavior of authorities or private hospital, not recognizing the doctors or health workers requirement like PPE and others facilities to handle with COVID19 or otherwise. Even in such situation, there are media reports, Doctors or health worker’s wages are not given on time or being slashed.

There were also reports in the media, Doctors/ Health workers are being denies treatment in their own hospital, where, he or she used to work for saving others life. Things, didn't end here, many common people discriminating doctors or health workers, because, he or she is doing service in the COVID19 hospital. Being, a student of history, i will not blame to people, who discriminating to health workers, instead our society or media, always failed or didn't try to build society based on compassion or equality.

During the second waves in India, I my self was infected with my other family members. My family members/friends, who are in the doctors helped us to care at the home isolation. The situation of the covid was scary, so we have to contact constantly to them, they always helped us, I can imagine the pain and difficulties, while doing the hospital work, and caring friends and family.

This is high time for our government to increase the budget in to the health sectors for better hospital, medical education and respectful payment to the doctors and health workers, that will be real respect to the doctors and our health worker.

Let us thanks our Doctors and health workers for risking their own life for saving humanity:


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