My travel diary 2020_COVID19

  I traveled on 21st December, first time after March 2020, when everything had become stand still, I was traveling by train to my native village to meet my dears and near. 

When I reached to Anand Vihar train station, the station was almost empty, I had luggage , so I took help from coolie, his name was Suresh ( name changed) to put my things on the train, my train was late, so I interacted with Suresh about COVID19 and lock down 🔐, and challenges to cover expenses. 

I was surprised to know, there were no any monetary support to those peoples, some of the were getting rations. They were allowed to go and work on the other stations, where trains were running. I asked about their Union and what they are doing for these workers ? I didn't get any satisfactory answers from Suresh. I was imaging, how difficult circumstances for people like Suresh to live a dignified like, where one needs not only food and shelter but many more make life to run. My train came Suresh arranged my thoughts bellow my seat, I thanked him 🙏Suresh tried to smile 😃but I still not forgot him in my memory.... will continue my travel Story...


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