How Is Possible To Engage With Public On The Misconception Regarding The Religion ?


I have always enjoyed traveling in the train, for two reasons one this is economical for people like us to bear the travel expense and other driving factors, you can meet and make friends with new people, so we can learn.  Almost for twenty years, I have been in public life for my study and work. I don't have any hesitations to share my points of views with anyone, even with other people of different ideology or believe groups. I have many friends, who have been associated with right-wing ideology “ RSS” but we had always space for agreement on the differences.
I have been staying outside of my village for more than twenty years, whenever, my father talk to me on phone, he always gives me one strong warning don’t talk in the public place on the sentimental issues like religion or terrorism. But, I always ignored his advice, however, in the present context of the environment, I had to rethink my position for not following my father’s instruction.

Last week, I had to travel to my native village in Bihar, to meet my parent, my mother is not keeping well, I was excited to board my train from Anand Vihar Terminal, New Delhi. As usual, I found a very impressive young entrepreneur along with my lower Side Berth, he was in the Upper Side of Berth. He has own business linked with e-commerce, being a student of social science, this has been always hard for me to understand business particularly, these new phenomena of e-commerce business, we  had a good time to exchange with each other, it's great leaning for me to understand, how some of the e-commerce portals working? And how is the relation between sellers and portals owner? I have also shared my experience with him about social development, which I have been practicing for the last 12 years.

We were in the middle of the constructive conversation in the slow pace, Suddenly, we heard a loud voice from one of the passenger chatting with others in front of my set in the same cubicle. He was blatantly blaming people of the one religion, for whatever wrong happened in our country. I wanted to intervene in the discussion with them, but I could not do. I afraid to be branded an anti-nation or I might be the target with some blame because my name simple identified me as Muslim, the first time in the public I was afraid to speak. The gentleman, who was leading for creating Islamophobia, he is government employed in the teaching profession, and he was just spreading wrong facts based on the social media messages from one group. I was incompetent to do any engagement with this person.  Because,  As society or individual we have lost the ability to have a genuine disagreement. In the present times, we have massive information floating around us, people are taking or believing one source, which creates more hearted and misconceptions. How is possible to engage with the public on the misconception regarding the religion or belief against anyone?


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