The new experiment in the Maharashra politics "Maha Vikas Aghadi": Will be an alternative?



 Experiment in Maharashtra state, where all three parties have different approaches for the politics or mobilization of the people. As many political commentators are saying, this is the new age in the Indian politics, where Bharatiya Janata Party is converting themselves in to old days of arrogant Congress. The new government formation under the Uddhav Thackeray is the ultimate result of the overconfidence of Delhi.

All the years, I was struggled to understand, why old guards, progressive or socialist leader, despite of knowing that communal origins of the RSS or BJP, they had associated in the past or have political alliances against the then mighty congress. But this doesn’t mean, people will forgive or forgot that kind such historic blunders.

Here in Maharashtra, now BJP is in the receiving end after Shiv Sena-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)-Congress alliance, or Maha Vikas Aghadi, formally took power. This alliance has released common minimum program, which will be bonding programmatic agenda for this alliance, of course the success of this alliance will be examine in time to come.  

Maharashtra has indicated that, there are many ways to play game with different rules. Even one can challenge world largest party with intelligent and dedicated captain, who can give confidence to their players for victory. And, you can see despite of all bargaining & creating market to buy players. None of the of players change loyalty. Off course, this is not ethical team to play together ( NCP+SS+INC) but I have problem with all of mandi media or pink experts on politics, they were praising NewChanekya for forging alliance or breaking others to make government, you can count those numerous examples, in Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Goa, Manipur, Karnataka and  now in the Haryana. These kind of politics will not be going to end in the near future because, one observe, the role of Governor in the Maharashtra, some people will jump and say, Governor can't decide himself, that is crisp and clear, he will certainly not follow the instructions of Sonia Gandhi.

The people of Maharashtra clearly indicated different priorities and agendas in the assembly election. Parties will have to learn, how to fight back in the age of issues like hyper nationalism and at the same time media being look likes fighting election for one party. There are certainly, many issues with election commission, the objectivity of EC is in doubt, as they have given clearance to the leaders of the ruling party during election campaign in the parliamentary election. There are many suspicions on the functioning of the electronic machine by the civil rights activist, political actors and media, recently the Quint has come out with one report, I am not expert on the technology but I am not certain about the transparency of the machine after watching out this report. why there are no transparency in the Electoral Bonds for funding to political parties. Who is giving funds? This looks like, not something but everything is wrong.

In the competitive democracy, political party should not be shy for performing politics from front foot. We have various examples for such politician in our county. Lalu Yadav is one of those leader, who always fight from front. This time there are many things to learn from Sharad Pawar, the way he not only fought the election but formed the government.

In the recent Assembly election in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar was in his full swing, he didn’t hesitate to face ED or others agencies, Sharad Pawar, named in a money-laundering case by the ED in connection with a scam at Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank, On 24th September, 2019, in a Press conference Pawar sb mentioned, “I will be visiting the ED’s Mumbai Zonal Office on 27th September, 2019 in a matter pertaining to the Maharashtra state Cooperative Bank”. That was really courageous style of leadership by grand old leader of the Maharashtra. Even, Sharad Pawar’s supporters had started to march toward ED office, latter Sharad Pawar shared with his supporters on 27th September, the authority (ED) informed me that my presence is not required today. And during all time in the election, he was leading the Congress & NCP campaign and tried to be honest and humble with voters, to think again this time differently. During his entire election rally, he was never ever used any UN-parliamentary world for his opponent. At the same time, he and his party always being target or even humiliated by the top leaders of the BJP.

Second Turning points was Satara Public meeting, on 18th October, when Sharad Pawar decided to speak his supports in the pouring rain, around fifty thousand his supports were patiently waiting for his leader in this meeting Pawar Sb was honest to accept his mistake in the past, and ask his supporters to correct this on 21st October, that was the polling day.

The way BJP tried to grab the power in the state, they have lost the edge to blame any for forging unholy alliance, if Devendra Fadnavis would have not formed the government, they would have upper hand in the polices instead people are asking these questions to the BJP.
1. How the governor satisfied with the proposal of Fadnavis to form government in Maharashtra?
2. What was urgency to Government of India to revoke President rule by his highness in the 5.45am?
3. Entire media was writing or speaking NCP and BJP has formed the government, how can all media, didn't check or inquired about the facts?

Sharad Pawar lead or prepare new formation in the Maharashra politics, which is path braking for any political party. In the past such initiatives had been taken in the country, in the recent past Grand alliance being formed in Bihar during the Assembly election in 2015, they have also got huge success electorally but this alliance couldn’t last long. Here in the Maharashra, Maha Vikas Aghadi will have to prove their credibility on the ground with substance of good governance. As many there are hope because all alliance partners will have to deliver to people of Maharashra. If they succeeded, this will be best template for the next general election or even for many state elections, which will be going to in the near future.


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