Women March For Change


 Women March being organized by Women's rights groups in Delhi on 4th April, Simultaneously March being organized in many cities in India, for Justice and dignity of women. Women leaders raised voice against lynching of minorities and dalits, There was around more than 100 events in the 20 states of India.

This is the collective action by the various women's women organizations and individuals to give strong voice for the rights and dignity of the women. Women activist, Bhasha Singh emphasized that, we have have gained women rights after long fights, we will not lose anythings with anyone. In here address, she strongly condemn recent lynching of minority and dalit community.

In Delhi marcher were meet at the Mandi house and walked towards Jantar Mantar, where a public meeting being held. In this meeting women activist/artist and student addressees the marchers

Similar event being organized in Ahmedabad, Mumbai,  Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.



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